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Meanwhile in the dungeon under the castle, Sora is chained tightly to a wall, alive and well.

Sora: Whoa. She was the princess. I can't believe it. Ugh, I must have sounded so stupid to her.

Riku: (V.O.) Sora!

Sora looks up and sees Riku from an overhead window. Riku manages to her his Soul Eater (his weapon) to break the bars and jumped down to where Sora is at.

Sora: Man, I'm glad to see you! Get me out of this!

Riku: (annoyed) Forget it, Sora! Now after you acted in front of Kairi! (Imitating Kairi) Oh look at me. I'm Kairi, the most beautiful girl in the world. I just got Sora's attention away from his pal. (Normal) Well?

Sora: Give me a break! She was in trouble. (Sighs) But worth helping.

Riku: Whatever.

Riku then begins using his Soul Eater to pick Sora's lock on the chains.

Sora: Don't worry, Riku. I won't see her again. I'm a commoner and you know the law.

Riku: Right. She has to marry a prince or someone like one.

Riku finally got Sora free. The boy rubs his hands.

Sora: She deserves it. (Sighs) I'm a fool.

Voice: The only fool is someone who gives up so easily.

The two turned and sees a figure in a black cloak with a hood covering his face standing nearby.

Sora: Who are you?

Enigmatic Man: My name is of less importance. But I am a lowly prisoner like you. But together, perhaps we can be more.

Sora: What do you mean?

Enigmatic Man: There is a mysterious place called Kingdom Hearts, a cave filled with wonders. Filled with treasures you can only dream of.

To prove his point, the Enigmatic Man holds out a bunch of jewels. Sora and Riku looked at them in awe. The Enigmatic Man puts the treasure away and turns his back.

Enigmatic Man: Enough to impress even Princess Kairi.

Unknown to Sora and Riku, as they looked at each other, a portal opens up and Axel pokes his head out.

Axel: Hey Xemnas! Hurry up! The Organization is getting impatient!

The Enigmatic Man (Xemnas) punched Axel back through the portal and closes it.

Sora: But the law. It said that she can only marry...

Enigmatic Man: You probably never heard of the golden rule. Whoever got the gold makes the rules.

Riku: I've never heard that one before.

Sora: Why would you share this treasure with me?

Enigmatic Man: I needed someone with strong legs and a strong back to go after it.

Riku: Hey! What about me?

Engimatic Man: You too. Sora is useless without you.

Sora: Hey!

Riku: (chuckling) Well, you got to admit. It is the truth.

Engimatic Man: So, how about it?

Sora: Uh, one problem. We're stuck in this dungeon. There's no other way out except the dungeon door and the window that Riku broke and the latter is too high for us to reach.

Enigmatic Man: You forgot. Things aren't always as they seem.

The Engimatic Man goes to a wall, pushed a brick, and an opening is revealed, showing the exit out.

Enigmatic Man: Now, do we have a deal?

Sora and Riku looked at each other. Riku smirks.

Riku: Let's go for it.

Later, the trio goes through the desert that is picking up wind like mad on a bunch of horses. Later, the disguised villain calls forth Kingdom Hearts once more. Sora and Riku looked at it in amazement.

Kingdom Hearts Guardian: Who disturb my slumber?

Sora: (nervously) Uh, it is I, Sora.

The Kingdom Hearts Guardian looked at Sora carefully. This time, the Guardian nods.

Kingdom Hearts Guardian: Proceed. Do not touch anything but the card!

The Kingdom Hearts Guardian opened up with a roar. Sora and Riku sees the stairs from where they're at.

Enigmatic Man: Remember. Get me the card, no questions. Then we shall talk about your reward.

Riku: What is it about a card that is so important to him?

Sora: Who knows? But let's get going.

Sora and Riku enters the entrance and goes down the stairs. The stairs leading down ended at the bottom where Sora and Riku enters a room. They looked astounded. The room it filled with treasure as far as the eye can see.

Sora: Look at this!

Riku: Cool!

Sora: With enough treasure, I can be richer than even Ansem the Wise!

Riku: Let's go for it!

Riku runs for a nearby jewel but Sora yells, stopping him.

Sora: Riku!

Riku: (turning) Huh?

Sora: We can't touch anything, remember? We got to find that card.

Riku: (to the jewel) Fine. Later.

Sora and Riku walked on. Unknown to them, two figures are spying on them. One of them is a duck about the same height as the mouse, and he had blue eyes, a yellow bill, orange legs and feet, and white feathers. He wore a midnight blue shirt with a zipper going down the middle, yellow wristbands, a small blue cape of some sort, and a blue hat with a few zippers on it. He was Donald Duck. The other is a six-foot-tall dog humanoid, and he had black fur, a tan muzzle, two buck teeth, and he wore a funny yellow hat, red goggles, a green turtle neck, a black vest, white gloves, yellow cargo pants, a black belt, and yellow shoes. This was none other than Doald's friend, Goofy Goof.

Goofy: Gawrsh. I wonder who they are.

Donald: Must be treasure hunters.

The two begin to follow them quietly. Riku senses something.

Riku: Wait a minute...

Riku turns, but Donald and Goofy hid in time. Riku looks puzzled then moves on. Donald and Goofy followed again. Riku senses them and turned quickly. The two followers hid in the treasure, but Goofy forgot his hide his hat. Riku sees it and runs to Sora.

Riku: Sora, you may want to take a look at this!

Sora: Riku, I have no time for treasure finding!

Riku groans but continues walking. Donald and Goofy came out of hiding and resumed following. Riku turned around but the two ran behind Riku very fast, Goofy giving his trademark laugh quietly. Donald smirks and pulls on Riku's hair. Riku jumps and got into a fighting position with his Soul Eater out. But Donald and Goofy runs behind Riku just in time. Riku looks puzzled. Donald quietly takes the Soul Eater and plays around with it. Goofy begins to laugh. But unfortunately he laughs too loud and Riku heard him. Riku turned and jumped in alarm. Donald quacks in alarm and runs away along with Goofy. Riku runs to Sora and knocks him down.

Sora: Riku! Are you crazy?

Riku: See for yourself, wise guy!

Sora looked and sees Donald and Goofy peeking from around a treasure.

Donald: What's the big deal?

Sora: Whoa! A talking duck!

Goofy: And a talking dog.

Sora: Hey guys. Come out. I won't hurt you.

Donald and Goofy comes out.

Goofy: Gawrsh. You sure your friend won't hurt us?

Sora: Nah. Riku is like that when he's stupid.

Riku: Hey!

Sora: (laughing) Just joking.

Donald dusts off Riku's Soul Eater and gives it back to Riku. Riku takes it and waves the Soul Eater threateningly.

Riku: Take my weapon away and you're roast duck!

Donald groans and walks away sadly.

Goofy: Not that wasn't nice.

Sora: Don't go! We need your help.

Donald: (turning around) Really?

Sora: Sure. You two know your way around here?

Donald/Goofy: Uh huh!

Sora: Cool! My name is Sora and this is my friend Riku.

Donald: My name is Donald Duck.

Goofy: And I'm Goofy.

Riku: (laughing) You sure are.

Sora: We're here looking for a card. Do you know where it is?

Donald: Of course!

Goofy: We can take you to it!

Sora: Great! Lead the way!

Donald: The place is big and long however. But I know the quickest way to get to the card's location.

Donald takes out a staff and casts a spell. Suddenly, a Gummi Ship, medium size and uses for carrying passengers, appears.

Goofy: All board the Gummi Express!

Sora, Riku, Donald, and Goofy got in, Donald at the driving seat. Donald then activates the Gummi Ship and begins flying it through Kingdom Hearts.

The group flies through a bunch of long caves until they reached a giant underground cavern. Once they stopped, they all got out and Goofy points to a big pillar with stairs going to the top of it. The stairs and pillar are surrounded by water with stones used as steps. A beam of light is shined on top of the pillar.

Goofy: There it is!

Sora: Cool! (To Riku) Wait here.

Riku: (scoffs) Don't tell me what to do.

Sora begins to step on the stones and make his way towards the stairs. As he does, Riku turned away for a sec and then sees a statue holding the biggest jewel Riku has ever seen.

Riku: Whoa. Well, maybe this place won't miss one jewel...

Riku begins to go to it. Unaware of this, Sora has reached the stairs and begin to climb them quickly.

Donald and Goofy turned and gasped as they see Riku is heading to the jewel.

Donald: Riku! Don't!

Goofy: Hands off it!

Donald and Goofy tackled Riku. The three begins to fight.

Sora finally got to the top and sees what is on the top of the pillar: a card as seen when the story got started. Sora picks it up and looks at it in wonder.

Sora: This is it? This is what I came all the way to...

Sora looks and gasps as he sees that Riku got out of his fight with Donald and Goofy and is about to grabbed the jewel.

Sora: RIKU! NO!

Too late as Riku grab the jewel. But then the room begins to shake.

Kingdom Hearts Guardian: (V.O.) FOOLS!

Riku: Oh crud.

Kingdom Hearts Guardian: (V.O.) You have touched the forbidden treasure!

Riku puts the jewel back sheepishly but both the jewel and statue begins to melt.

Kingdom Hearts Guardian: (V.O.) You will never again see the light...of day!

Sora moves quickly with the card as the flames roared to where the card used to be. Sora runs down the stairs but they turned into a ramp, making him slide down it. Sora finds himself flying into the air. The water itself turned into lava and Sora is about to fall into it. Luckily, Donald and Goofy got to the Gummi Ship and catches Sora.

Riku runs across the stone steps but stops when he sees that they are exploding into lava. Riku panics as the rock he's on is about to exploded. But the Gummi Ship flew by and Sora grabs him just in time.

Sora: Let's get outta here!

Goofy: Use Warp Drive, Donald!

Donald: Warp Drive engaged!

The trio begins to fly back through the caves, dodging walls and debris doing so. Riku panics and grabs Sora by the head, covering his eyes.

Sora: Riku! This is no time to panic!

Sora removes Riku and sees that the Gummi Ship is about to collided into a wall.

Sora: (sweat drop) Okay, panic now.

Donald quickly pulls into a dive, avoiding the wall. The group returns to the treasure cave. The lava poured out after them, melting all the treasure in the room. The group got out of the room back to the entrance.

At the Kingdom Hearts entrance, the Guardian itself roared furiously and is about to close. Donald and his passengers were almost to the top when a boulder crashes into the ship sending it to the floor. Sora and Riku jumped out and grabs onto a rock wall, almost to the entrance. Sora holds on for his life. He looks up and sees the Enigmatic Man at the top, within reach.

Sora: (holding out his hand) Give me your hand!

Enigmatic Man: Throw me the card first!

Sora: (almost slipping) I can't hold on! Give me your hand!

Engimatic Man: Give me the card!

Not wanting to argue, Sora takes the card out and hands it up. The Enigmatic Man grabs it and holds the card over his head laughing sinisterly.

Enigmatic Man: At last! (Laughing) At last!

The Enigmatic Man [puts the card into his pocket. He turns and sees Riku helping Sora out. The villain kicks Riku aside and grabs Sora by thwe wrist.

Sora: (shocked) What are you doing?

Enigmatic Man: Giving you your reward. (Normal voice) Your eternal award.

The Enigmatic Man manifested some sort of energy as red "aerial blades" and is about to stabbed Sora with it. But Riku appeared out of nowhere and hits the Enigmatic Man with his Soul Eater, making the villain yelled in pain. Sora was let go and he fell back into the cave. The Enigmatic Man then grabs Riku and throws the boy in.

Donald and Goofy sees Sora and Riku falling and manages to get the boulder off. They got the Gummi Ship flying and catch the two in time. Sora hits the wall too many times on his way down and fell unconscious.

The Kingdom Hearts Guardian up above roared one last time before sinking back into the sand from where it came from. The Enigmatic Man looks astounded as he sits in the hand. Xemnas then laughs evilly and threw his hood up.

Xemnas: (laughing) It's mine. It's all mine!

Xemnas reached into his pocket where he put the card in. But all he could feel is nothing but air. Xemnas searches his pocket frantically.

Xemnas: Wait. Where is it? No. (Yelling) NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Xemnas's last 'no' echoes into the night.
In disguise, Xemnas convinced Sora to go to Kingdom Hearts to retrieve a heart. But Sora and Riku will meet obstacles including a mistake that could killed them both.
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Goofy and Donald are the Carpet. But what about Mickey (The Genie)?
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