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September 12, 2012


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Villains, we can't be much without them. My series of MLP: FIM are no expection as Twilight Sparkle and her friends got tons of them to deal with, from their usual enemies, villains from other series to the OCs made up for the fics.

In this journal entry, I will describe the villains and put down those you already known so you will know what to expect in the future. As well as those who reformed

Regular villains:
Gilda the Griffin: Former friend of Rainbow Dash, a bully who thinks ponies are lames and pull mean tricks on them. Former member of the Brotherhood of Tadaka.

Diamond Tiara: Bully and classmate of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Friend of Silver Spoon. Former editor of the Ponyville Confidential. Like to make fun of those without any cutie mark. Is very mean. Her father Filthy Rich was once a member of the Nightmare Moon Cult. Once tricked Tough Apple into going on a rampage for payback of what putting her on a flagpole. Told the ponies where Ben Mare was during his fame moment. Recurring villain in the House of Pony series.

Silver Spoon: Bully and classmate of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Friend of Diamond Tiara. Loyalty and friendship however is being put into question lately. The Yes Pony to Diamond Tiara in the House of Pony series, reluctantly helping her in trying to shut the place down.

The Diamond Dogs: Smelly and disgusting dogs who live underground. Their leaders are Rover, Fido and Spot. Love gems but hates whining. Once helped the Nightmare Moon Cult in the tunnels as well as putting the Castle of Nightmare Moon in it. Former members of the Brotherhood of Tadaka.

Discord II: Another version of Discord, perhaps? Or something mostly removed by Lorcan? A mystery for now.

The Flim-Flam brothers: Con artist apple cider selling sales unicorns who once tried to run the Apples out of business. Former members of the Brotherhood of Tadaka who built machines them. Has an interesting theme song.

The Teenage Dragons: Garble and his goons, once tried to break phoenix eggs. Are very mean and jerks.

Queen Chrysalis: Leader of the shape-shifting Changelings. Once impersonated Cadance to tried to take Canterlot and is convincing enough to fool even the Goddess of the Sun. Is overconfident. Was once a minion to Tirek, up to his destruction. She even uses a legendary comet in hopes to gain advantage.

Tirek: Evil centaur from generations ago of Ponyland/Equestria. He orders ponies kidnapped and turned them into his darkness with plans of spreading his Rainbow of Darkness on the world. Was destroyed by Megan with the Rainbow of Light but recently possessed Nyx on Nightmare Night before regaining a new body. Was destroyed by the combination of the Elements of Harmony and his former Rainbow which is now the new Rainbow of Light.

Prince Blueblood: Very rotten princesses and nephew of the princes though his attitude puts their in question. Was very arrogant and selfish to Rarity was the Gala until the incident. Is easily injured.

King Sombra: Former evil unicorn ruler of the Crystal Empire who tortures his subjects until the Royal Sisters banish him. After many years later, he came back to take back his rule but was defeated by the power of the Crystal Heart.

Mane-iac: An enemy of the Power Ponies in the comic book world. Twilight, Spike and their friends were teleported there while cleaning out the castle and they managed to beat her in hopes to get back home.

Ahuizotl: The main enemy of Daring Do who wishes to bring in eight hundred years of unrelenting heat to the valley. Thought to be a fictional character, he was proven to be real in which the Mane Six help Daring Doo defeat him.

Dr. Caballeron: A rival archaeologist to Daring Do who steals treasures but is willing to sell them no matter whose the highest bidder is.

Somnambula: An evil witch who lived in Ponyland and who once forced a bird to put the ponies under a trance so that she can steal their youth and magic. When her crystal was destroyed, Somnambula lost her youth and was never seen again...until she appears as a servant to Bai Tza. The evil witch tried to steal Twilight but made the mistake of trying to steal some from Bocolix and Dumbledore (AKA Boxco and Dum-Dum), causing her death. She was resurrected as Vanity to attack the group near the Lake of Tears and was beaten, being killed once more.

Suri Polomare: A competitor at a fashion competition, took advantage of Rarity's generosity and copies her line to pass it on her own. She lies to Rarity's friend in hopes that Rarity won't show and claim her trophy, causing Coco to quit on her.

OC villains:
Boris:… Former member of the Brotherhood of Tadaka. A new member of the Apocalypse Ponies.

Boxco:… Former member of the Brotherhood of Tadaka. A new member of the Apocalypse Ponies.

Dum-Dum:… Former member of the Brotherhood of Tadaka. A new member of the Apocalypse Ponies.

The Apocalypse Ponies: A group of villainous ponies who wishes for the takeover of Equestria, they are like Organization XIII, only wth more members. Having powers, weapons and skills, the Apocalypse Ponies will do what it takes to control of Equestria through any means necessary.

[Main Leaders]
1. Smaug, the Superior:…
2. Suffocator Jill, the Pony of Pestilence:…
3. Warring Malice, the Warring Mare:… Best friend to Trixie.
4. Starven Fran, the Famine Nocturne:…
5. Deadly Rager, the Death Assassin:…
6. Wilco, the Robotic Schemer: Assistant of Dr. Lizardo and former member of the Nightmare Moon Cult whose body was blown up by Nightmare Moon (Nyx) when he tortured Twilight Sparkle against orders. His brain was kept alive by the essence still in him.
7. Twilight Moon, Corrupted Ex-Student: a version of Twilight Sparkle where she is fused with Nightmare Moon.
8. Fluttercruel, the Cruel Lancer:…
9. Crarity, the Greedy Unicorn:…
10. Rainbow Chaos, the Disloyal Traitor: A version of Rainbow Chaos whose got a lot of Discord (literally) in her. She can turn traitor at the drop of the hat.
11. Liarjack, the Lying Southern Fury:…
12. Pinkamena Psycho, the Stabbing Psycho: A mad version of Pinkie Pie from "Cupcakes", loves to turn ponies into cupcakes and wants more.
13. Trixie Lulamoon, the Reluctant Anti-Hero. Smaug's daughter and Merluck's sister.

[More members]
Spikezilla: A brutish alternate version of Spike. Considerably larger and more powerful than his good counterpart is under normal conditions, Spikezilla is virtually uncontrollable except by Twilight Moon (who he has an odd brother-sister-like relationship with) and Crarity (he has a MAJOR crush on Crarity, who, for her part, is at least smart enough to stay on his better side out of acknowledgement that somebody with Spikezilla's muscle could be very useful to her in most circumstances).

Black Knight: Shining Armor's more ambitious and more ruthless counterpart. Even though he's Twilight Moon's older brother, their relationship; in sharp contrast to the loving relationship of their good counterparts; could be honestly described as "grudging mutual respect at best" (Twilight Moon is the much more powerful magic user of the two [especially since her merger with her universe's Nightmare Moon] while Black Knight is the physically stronger of the two and more skilled at hoof-to-hoof combat and weapons use). He is also married to Princess Victoria (his universe's Princess Cadance), but their relationship is more based on a mutual pursuit of power than love for each other and both have more than their share of affairs.

Princess Victoria:…

Merluck: Smaug's son and Trixie's brother.

Big McMurder: Murdering version of Big Macintosh who eats meat. It's rumored that he has a...'relationship' with his sisters but these rumors are neither confirmed or denied as of yet.

Other OC Villains:
Dr. Lizardo: A mad scientist lizard who only wishes to be very rich. But right after the Mane Six interferes and stopped his blood near Applelooza, he now also wishes for their destruction and will not give up until they are dead. Has machines and such and is inspired by Plankton, Mojo Jojo, Dr. Eggman and Wile E. Coyote. Has a creepy crush on Pinkie Pie.

Roclan: The evil side of Lorcan having taken physical form. He resembles Lorcan greatly, only with a different colors scheme (dark blue scales, green hair and blood red scars). He is obsessed with Lorcan, seeing as him as fun and refuses to kill him. Is also Unpredictable, killing foe and alley alike. He starts off wearing a hoodless black cloak, but then goes on to wear a long brown overcoat or brown suit.

The Hole: A mad version of Spike who was transformed in Death, becoming very powerful whenever he consumes an universe. According to him, Twilight harms him back when he was Spike but it could be that the transformation affected his mind and drove him mad. Voiced by Scott Menville.

Solar Flare: Alternative version of Princess Celestia, corrupted and evil. The real Celestia turns into this temporarily before she was saved.

Fred and Ed: Two very dumb Changelings who was involved in the invasion of Canterlot. Very loyal to their queen. Former minions of Tirek. Twilight hates them for almost ruining her life during the invasion.

Seto: One of the smart Changelings of the group and consort of Queen Chrysalis. He is in love with her and wants the queen all to himself. A former minion of Tirek.

Lorcan Hyde: Evil version of Spike the Dragon. More TBD.
Personality: smooth, calm and quite a bit of a child with a hint of perversion for Rarity. Calls Spike "Daddy" due to his childlike all this, he is dangerous and not to be underestimated
Clothing: Unknown as of now.

The Mare-Do-Rotten: Created from DNA samples collected from each of the Mane Six and merged into a single pony via the combined efforts of Smaug and Doctor Lizardo, the Mare-Do-Rotten possesses EVERY ability possessed by the Mane Six; faster-than-sound flight (in fact, the Mare-Do-Rotten is even FASTER than Rainbow Dash because she has the combined flying speed of both Rainbow AND Fluttershy), very powerful magic (her magic is as strong as Twilight's and Rarity's combined plus she has Pinkie Pie's uncanny knack for bending the laws of physics), super-equine strength and durability (she has the combined physical prowess of two very good athletes and four other mares in reasonably good physical condition), a special danger-sense, a potent "staring ability", plus well-above average weather skills AND exceptional intelligence. However, the Mare-Do-Rotten is also very arrogant, greedy, treacherous, cruel and deceitful and has a sadistic sense of humor. As she is comprised of a merger of two unicorns, two pegasi and two Earth ponies all combined into a single equine, the Mare-Do-Rotten DOES, under the strictest of technicalities, sort of qualify as an alicorn. She wears a costume identical to the Mare-Do-Well's except for being in yellow, red and black (in fact, her outfit is the reason she is CALLED the Mare-Do-Rotten). Though she started out working alone, the Mare-Do-Rotten ultimately founded and became the leader of the Rotten Four. She is based on both Negaduck and the Super-Skrull (though the latter only in the sense that she is a product of enhanced genetic engineering and has all the combined abilities of all of the main heroes).

Seymour Greenhooves: A nerdish chemically mutated former research scientist Earth pony who has a potent telepathic link with plants, Seymour actually started out as a very nice stallion before turning bad. Seymour also has an obsessive crush on Fluttershy and deeply despises her boyfriend (eventually husband) Dexter. Following a defeat at the hooves of Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, Greenhooves is now a member of the Rotten Four after the Mare-Do-Rotten busted him, Crossed Wires and Nigel Neptune out of the dungeon. Greenhooves is very heavily based on Reginald Bushroot.

Crossed Wires: A unicorn with a particular aptitude toward electricity based magic and machines, Crossed Wires is, unfortunately, also quite insane, to the point where he even has trouble remembering his own name and he thinks that light bulbs and appliances are sentient. Even with this extreme insanity, however, Crossed Wires should NOT be underestimated. Following a defeat at the hooves of Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie, Crossed Wires eventually teamed up with the Mare-Do-Rotten, Seymour Greenhooves and Nigel Neptune to form the Rotten Four. Based quite heavily on Megavolt.

Nigel Neptune: A crooked business-stallion pegasus turned mutated super-criminal, Nigel Neptune has much-greater-than-average pegasus control over water within his immediate area, can transform himself into living water at will and shoot spheres of concentrated water from his forehooves. Following a defeat at the hooves of Applejack and Rarity, Nigel allied himself with Seymour Greenhooves and Crossed Wires after the Mare-Do-Well busted all three of them out of the dungeon and became part of the Rotten Four. Based on the Liquidator, but only loosely.

Rainbow Droid: In an alternative universe, Rainbow Dash met her need by the wires of her old computer, which went on to lead technology to destroy their "masters" and all of the flesh. Howver, they were being beaten by magic. So, the Lardy crafted a Rainbow Dash skin suit, earning the nickname "Rainbow Droid" and set off into the prime universe to kill Rainbow Dash and actually relish in doing so as well completing his objective: obtian Dash's Element of Loyalty. With said Element's magic analysed, could be ale to destroy all the "organic meatbags" in every universe.

Princess Bashers: Critics of Princess Celestia who thinks her as worthless, a coward and unfit to rule. Will be problems in the future.

Update: Grimmore: Evil ruler of Tartarus, wishing to take over Equestria or causes madness. May have a connection to the Superior. His major rival is Dark Curse.

Nightmare Moon II: An evil clone created from genetic material lifted off of Tirek and Princesses Celestia AND Luna, Nightmare Moon II made her first appearance casting both a sleeping spell powerful enough to affect even alicorns (though, for some reason, dragons and other non-ponies are immune) AND a spell that creates monsters based on the sleeping ponies' worst nightmares. Only barely defeated by Spike, Peewee and the pets of the Mane Six, Nightmare Moon II is both more powerful AND far more ruthless than the original Nightmare Moon.

Major-General K. Pewbrute: An extremely elderly (he's even older than Granny Smith) and incredibly jerkish blind Earth pony stallion, Pewbrute absolutely loves making other ponies' lives miserable. However, he's more of an annoyance than an actual threat, talking a much better game than he's able to bring and only beating Rainbow Dash ONCE by pure accident (though, when an over-trained Rainbow Dash curb-stomps him in the rematch, Pewbrute develops a MAJOR grudge against the pegasus). Basically a less vulgar pony version of Colonel H. Stinkmeaner from the Boondocks.

The Equestrian Eliminator: A special agent for Grimmore who appears to be spying on Twilight and Shining. May have a connection to them but whatever it is is a secret at this time.

Maxin Talos: Diamond Tiara's bodyguard who is basically her judge, jury and executioner all in one. Mess with her, you get the beating hoof of his...hoof. Luckily, Brave Heart is one of the few ponies to put him down.

Blazebug: Basically the evil counterpart of Firefly from the Generation One era, this pegasus mare is very talented, but also very arrogant and cruel. At first, her abilities were precisely an even match for Firefly's, but, following a stint in Tartarus, she managed to fight her way back to the land of the living, gaining greater strength, speed and durability, plus the abilities to start and control fires with her mind, raise and command the dead and create duplicates of herself and other beings of her choosing. Her chief underlings are a young dragon called Blades and an extremely muscular Earth pony thug called Huge Meanie. Mostly an enemy of Firefly and her friends, but has fought the current Mane Six and current Spike once when the group was sent to back to the Generation One era by a time vortex.

The Amacorns: A race of excessively warlike and lustful alicorn mares, the Amacorns came incredibly close to conquering Equestria (and raping the living daylights out of thousands of stallions) more than 1250 years ago before they were banished by Celestia and Luna (who, because the Amacorns outnumbered them by a ratio of more than a hundred to one AND were much more skilled fighters than the two then-new Princesses, were only barely able to win against the Amacorns through trickery and clever use of the Elements of Harmony). The Amacorns encountered the Mane Six and their coltfriends when the twelve ponies were sent to the world the Amacorns were banished to by Doctor Lizardo (who trapped the heroes in a space rocket).

Tadaka: Sworn brother of the Demon Lord Shendu and father of Spike and Lorcan. Although he turned on Shendu, the Dragon later went insane after Nightmare Moon killed his bodyguard, causing him to declare war on the ponies. After a long while of suffering, Tadaka was captured and possibly put to death. But could he be returning sometime soon?




Madam Quartz: A selfish unicorn who likes to use people to get moneyDescription: She has no cutie mark on her, and uses it as an excuse to swindle ponies out of their money. She originally married Mr. Rich (for money purposes because he's invested in a lot of business), making her the supposed mother of Diamond Tiara. Although she acts kind towards her father, Quartz acts horridly to Tiara. When things don't go her way, she often goes out her way to emotionally and physically abuse Diamond Tiara when Rich is not around. Filthy Rich ended up breaking up with her because he just didn't see a connection with her, never finding out about what she did. Before leaving Ponyville, she threatened Tiara and Silver Spoon that if they told anypony else, she would hunt them down. Although Quartz is in hiding, having gotten away with her crimes, her words and abuse have affected Tiara to hate ponies with no cutie marks. (She comes back after Diamond Tiara's redemption though, after her backstory is told by the CMC, which they were told by Spoon in a fic that they kept secret)
Description: And pale purplish unicorn with a white mane and tail and sharp blue eyes. She has no cutie mark.

The Swarm: A creature made up of wasp insects in the Shifting Sands that tried to kill Twilight and her friends. With the help of the Dragons' flames and Ben's Master Sword, the monster was destroyed. Pet of Xiao Fung.

The Demon Lords: An evil group of evil Demons who ruled the End of Equestria, even when they were banished by the Royal Sisters and the Mystic Ponies. They encountered Princess Twilight and her group and tried to capture Spike and Nyx, but were beaten and banished back to the Mystic Realm. They are now bonded to eight certain members of the Apocalypse Ponies.
1. Hsi Wu: Demon Lord of the Sky. Bonded to Rainbow Chaos.
2. Tso Lan: Demon Lord of Gravity. Created the Nightmare essence and therefore is Nyx's true father. He lost that connection thanks to Ben's blood now flowing in her. Bonded to Twilight Moon.
3. Shendu: Demon Lord of Fire. Sworn brother of Tadaka. Bonded to Warring Malice out of punishment for giving Boris the plan to send his goons to the End of Equestria in the first place.
4. Bai Tza: Demon Lord of Water. Bonded to Starven Fran.
5. Dai Gui: Demon Lord of Earth. Has a temper problem. Bonded to Liarjack.
6. Tchang Zu: Demon Lord of Thunder. Bonded to Psycho Pie.
7. Xiao Fung: Demon Lord of Wind. He sucks air...literally. Bonded to Fluttercruel.
8. Po Kong: Demon Lord of Mountain. Eats a lot. Bonded to Suffocator Jill (much to the latter's dismay).

Smaug the Great: The ancestor of Smaug, Trixie Lulamoon and Merluck, he tried to take over Equestria and has a low opinion of the Earth opinions. Was an ally to the Demon Lords. Now deceased.

Todd the Goblin/Goblin Knight: A minion of the Demon Lords who tried to deflect, only to get killed by Tso Lan later. Was resurrected by Grimmore into the dreaded Goblin Knight to serve him.

Mo Sie the Hydra: A multi-headed monster who is pet to Demon Lord Shendu. Was destroyed when Twilight and Ben dropped boulders, burying it alive, though the last of the creature was destroyed mysteriously by the Equestrian Eliminator.

Fafnir the Black-Hearted: Evil in its purest and darkest form. Nemesis to Brave Heart.

Dark Ponies: See this for info:…

Shadow Ghoul: Hsi Wu's servant and master of the Labyrinth where he creates illusions in an attempt to defeat his enemies through fear and doubt. Of course, Twilight's group were able to overcome them and after they escape, the Shadow Ghoul tries to finish his enemies off, only to be destroyed by the Equestrian Eliminator.

Judge Stonewall: A Lamassu and a judge made by one of the Shadow Ghoul's illusions. He was close to sentencing Nyx, Phobos, Tough, Bocolix and Dumbledore doing bad performances but was forced to call off his decision by the Pinkie Leaf Blower (AKA Pinkie Pie herself).

Kobalos: Po Kong's trouble making minions who stole the ingredients from Twilight's group one time. One of them was killed by Hsi Wu's pet Lamia while the others got taken down via their backfired tricks on the good guys.

Lamia: Hsi Wu's pet. A Medusa like creature that turns anyone who looks into its eyes to stone. She was destroyed when the combined efforts of Twilight, Nyx and Karma made an average mirror appear, causing her to be turned into stone.

Peta: The human being-like wicked servant of Tso Lan, the toughest one yet. He has various Guardians at his control as well as an artifact like Blood Body (which keeps physical attacks from harming him) and a Dark Reflector which send magic spells back at his enemies. He came closer to winning and killing (while getting the blood of Nyx, Twilight Sparkle, Ben Mare, Spike and Phobos) but with the help of the Legendary Holy Item, Aegis, and when Ben got rid of the Blood Body, Peta lost the advantage. The heroes' full attacks ended Peta once and for all.

Seven Guardians: Peryton, Wakan Tanka, Eins, Dead Dragon, Remrace, A Bao A Qu, and Body Eye: Guardians and dangerous creatures who used to work for Peta but after his death, they came into the Equestrian Eliminator's possession. He gave Peryton, Remrace and Body Eye to Tao with plans of coming back for them later.

The Shadow: An evil shadowy like creature of Grimmore. The Dark Elf send him after Twilight and company with hopes of destroying them but they managed to escape after a race through the End of Equestria.

Captain Dread of the Black Warrior Elves: Captain of Grimmore's Black Warriors Elves. Does not take kindly to any robots or pink ponies wiping out his men.

Hobgoblin: One of Grimmore's goblins, named after the Hobgoblin of Marvel Comics.

Green Goblin: One of Grimmore's goblins, named after the Green Goblin of Marvel Comics.

Demogoblin: One of the Grimmore's goblins, named after the Demogoblin of Marvel Comics.

Ji-Ga-No: One of Grimmore's mightiest Dragon warriors.

Phantom: During sometime, a strange dark mist appears that looks like Pinkamena but is the dark twisted and is like Psycho Pie; it first appears in a mirror and it wants to take control so it stalks in the shadows and dark places in Pinkamena's mind, waiting for the chance to take control.

Update: The Draconian Cult
Sec: Leader. Very loyal to Tadaka. Just as cruel and ruthless as him. Voiced by Kirk Thompson)
Cann: Second in command. Often questions his older brother sec. Voiced by Ted Lewis.
Jast: The strategiest. Thinks of many plans and spies apron enemies to see their pressure points. Voiced by Brian Bloom.
Thay: the youngest brother. Very loyal to sec. Desires pony blood and flesh. Whole body full of tally marks to show how many ponies he's killed. Voiced by Danny Jacob

Update: ???: Unknown as of yet but is the main villain of "Total Drama Equestria". He hates humans for some reason and is looking for a secret weapon. His power can parafried his victims.

Villains from other shows:
Megatron: The enemy of the Autobots and the leader of the Decepticons. Will be in "My Little Transformers."

Starscream: The enemy of the Autobots and a member of the Decepticons. Will be in "My Little Transformers" as well as a rival to Rainbow Dash.

Chris McClean: Host of the Total Drama series who loves to make his contestants suffer for ratings and for his amusement. Has trouble getting what he wants due to the Royal Princesses keeping tabs on him 

Chef Hatchet: Chris's sidekick and helper on Total Drama. Gets nasty when he's upset.

Heather: Main villain of Total Drama Island.

Update: Alejandro: Main villain of Total Drama World Tour. He tries to figure out who Heather's new boyfriend is and tries to cheat in the third episode which got him eliminated as a result.

Scott: Main villain of Total Drama Revenge of the Island.

Jo: A co-villain in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and All-Stars. She bullies and threatens Nyx, tries to cheats in the first elimination challenge, causing her own elimination by the princesses.

Reformed villains:
Nightmare Moon/Nyx (the latter is Past Sins OC): Former darkness of Princess Luna. Was tried to be revived by her cult but was turned into a filly instead. She was then made into a mare and ruled Equestria for a while after imprisoning the Royal Sister. Nightmare Moon then releases the cult from the Blessing and release the princesses from their prison. Is a filly once more and now a daughter of Twilight Sparkle and Ben Mare.

Iron Will: A huge self-help guru who likes to talk in third person. His methods are seen as bullying and terrorizing which can be put into question. Iron Will is now rethinking his methods after Fluttershy, one of his customers, stood up to him.

Sir Spell Nexus: (Past Sins character) Professor/Headmaster of Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. Was once possessed by the evil essence of Nightmare Moon via a binding spell and started a cult which got new members through something called the Blessing. The unicorn then made the ritual to revive Nightmare Moon which was interrupted by Celestia and was thought to be a failure. Once the discovery of Nyx, Nexus tricks the princess into giving the filly alicorn to him which ends up transforming her completely. Once knocked out Twilight when she thought he was a prisoner. To his dismay, Nightmare Moon isn't acting what he wanted her to be (IM she won't killed Twilight and her friends, she didn't make night eternal forever, and she releases the CMC after imprisoning them) and even tries to have Twilight killed (after forcing the Blessing onto her and turning the mare after her daughter) to help Nyx be the true Nightmare Moon. After the plan failed, Nightmare Moon removes the essence of herself from Nexus, freeing him once and for all. He once tries to imprisoned him out of guilt but resume being the headmaster of the school.

Lorcan: Brother of Spike and son of Tadaka. He blames ponies for ruining his life because the dragon believes that his brother was dead twice, but may be influened by an evil spell by his brother. May be attracted to Princess Luna. Founder of the Brotherhood of Tadaka (only to kill their clones later) and leader of the Dragon Army. Presumed to be dead after the battle with Spike which frees him of his father's dark influence. More laid back, lazy, but feels self disgust. Despite feeling remorse for his actions, he wouldn't hesitate to execute or badly harm his enemies if they are considered a huge threat. Considered a deadly alley and foe so much that some islands fear the day they meet him. Now resides in Canterlot Castle, helping out the Mane Six in the shadows before he choose to reveal his survival.

Trixie Lulamoon: The showoff mare whose boasting almost got Ponyville destroyed by an Ursa Minor. Team up with the Mane Five to stop Nightmare Moon (Nyx) and lost. Former member of the Brotherhood of Tadaka (which she was forced into after being tortured to insanity of Lorcan). Former lover of Lorcan. May be in love with Boris. New member of the Apocalypse Ponies. She made amends with Twilight and her friends and could be a spy for Celestia.

Commander Hurricane, Princess Platinium and Chancellor Puddinghead: The tribe leaders of long ago who hated one another to the point of their tribes going into the conflict. Although the pageant shows that they have change their ways, that isn't entirely true as their bodies remain frozen to this day, their spirits return to create civil war once more. But with the help of the Elements of the Harmony, the spirits of Clover the Clever, Smart Cookie and Private Pansy, as well as Johnny Brock, the chains of hatred binding the three rulers were broken and they became friends at all, finally moving on to the other side.

Discord: The God of Chaos and Disharmony whose was summoned during a civil war made by Smaug the Great. Once discorded the Mane Six before his defeat. Loves to make chaos and chocolate milk. Former member of the Brotherhood of Tadaka. Was released by the Mane and seemingly reformed thanks to Fluttershy, though there may be another version of him somewhere.

Sunset Shimmer: A former student of Celestia who disappeared after becoming cruel, dishonest and not getting what she wanted. The mare is jealous of Twilight Sparkle and begins working with the Apocalypse Ponies. In exchange for being a member of their group and for being a princess, Sunset Shimmer must kill Twilight and bring in Ben's Triforce element. Unknown to her, the mare/girl's behavior was manipulated by Smaug and she was soon brought back to her senses via the magic of friendship. Sunset is now living in the human world, trying to repair what she has done to the inhabitants there.

Cannibal ponies: Nasty ponies who lives in the Road of Equestria. Twilight, her family as well as Tough Apple confronted them. Later turned out to be under the control of Demon Lord Hsi Wu before his defeat. Once his idol is gone, the cannibal ponies went back to normal.

Mehitos: A carnivorous plant who a special Guardian that was made and seal in a ring, and whoever wields the ring can control its actions. Otherwise when let free, it goes wild in its territory that either has wild garden life or just travels in the ground. When it's attack with its small and medium size roots failing, it'll come up to its full size and use all its roots, including larger ones to attack whoever disturbed it. Once defeated, the plant became a Guardian for Twilight Sparkle. Former pet of Po Kong.

Egola: A mighty giant made out of ice and who was a pet of Dai Gui. After Twilight and her friends beaten it, it became one of Twilight's Guardians.

Update: Driver: Bai Tza's pet who was once Undine of the Omnidrex Kingdom ordered to guard the lake. Of course, with the help of Twilight and her friends, as well as Mystic Tao, the curse on the kingdom as well as Driver is broken, restoring Driver back into Undine who became another Guardian of Twilight's.

Kouga; The Powerful Soldier of Demons: A servant of Dai Gui who was once a pony that was killed by Hsi Wu. Although powerful and has a Kung Fu Frog, Twilight, Ben and their friends were able to beat them. With Tao's help, Kouga was restored back to Jones Venture, a Pegasus.

Michael Trotter: (as a harmless annoyance rather than pure evil) A unicorn Royal Guard with a very bad potty mouth. Has a habit of saying "Buck" or "Buckity-Bye!". Is very unpleasant and rude to others. Takes his jobDescription: very seriously. After having his mouth washed out by Brave Heart, he (probably worried by his father's reaction) apologizes to Brave Heart but still fears his father Tommy.
Voice: Peter Capaldi
Description: A old grey unicorn with Graying brown mane and tail and a cutie mark of  symbol swearing

Flying Leo: A lion with wings who was a pet to Tso Lan who send him to kidnap Nyx. After sparing the creature and healing, Flying Leo became a new pet of sorts to the Sparkles as well as a Guardian.

Maha Vailo: A magician who came to the End of Equestria to explore and develop his abilities, only to be defeated and unwillingly become a servant to Tchang Zu. With the help of Koga and Owlowiscious, the heroes were able to defeat him and save him from one of his magic spells the Black Hole. With him defeated, Maha Valio is freed from the enemy's services.

Yin and Yang: Named after two cartoon characters. Two rabbits who used to be ponies as well as martial fighters from the Land of Ma, but Yang's arrogance causes them to be servants to Xiao Fung. The rabbits tries to use tricks and the Xros Fusion Spell, but were beaten. After being taught the importance of dream and love of family by the good guys, they were restored back to normal.

Living Inferno Bird, Phoenix & Giant Hands, Saint Anger: Former Guardians of Peta. Now working for Twilight and company.

The Three Phantom-teers: Scary ghosts who scared out any construction ponies trying to rebuilt their home into an orphanage. Although they don't like fleshies, the trio warms up to the Mane Six as well as their adopted charge Calpepper after the incident with Kaboomka, the King of All Ghosts.

More villains to be announced as I update whenever.

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YugiohPonyAvengers Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Student Writer
Are you going to add in Fanged Dahlia and the Grim Creeper?
JusSonic Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014
Grim Creeper is neutral. He doesn't work with anyone. He's the pony version of the Crypt Keeper from "Tales from the Crypt".
YugiohPonyAvengers Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Student Writer
BillyArratoon Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014
The Draconian Cult

Sec: Leader. Very loyal to Tadaka. Just as cruel and ruthless as him. Voiced by Kirk thompson)

Cann: Second in command. Often questions his older brother sec. Voiced by Ted Lewis

Jast: The stratigest. Thinks of many plans and spies apron enemies to see their pressure points. Voiced by Brian Bloom

Thay: the youngest brother. Very loyal to sec. Desires pony blood and flesh. Whole body full of tally marks to show how many ponies he's killed. Voiced by Danny Jacob
BillyArratoon Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014
Can I just ask why can't the holes twilight be harsh and strict on spike? It's a au twilight, not the real one 
JusSonic Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014
Because I know she isn't like that at all.
BillyArratoon Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014
OK, fair enough...can may i suggest that we see the visions from the Hole's POV, like his twilight being abusive to him, but to the Hole, thats what actually happened. And I have a idea of how the wormhole that Spike's ashes came to be:

He actually entered a wormhole throughout time and space...and saw universes of himself still as a assistant. Furious that he's treated like that in the universes he saw, he escapes Tartarus by focusing on his negeative emotions. That universe's Grimmone tried to reclaim his soul, but the Hole's rage was so powerful it killed him and destroyed the universe the Hole came from.
Greenrob Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013

Got one you


Phantom: during sometime a strange dark mist appears that looks like Pinkamena but is the dark twisted and is like Psycho pie it first appears in a mirror and it wants to take control so it stalks in the shadows and dark places in Pinkamena's mind waiting to for the chance to take control


you think that's good enough or not?



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