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Here's the next chapter! Enjoy!




Orange shook his head as he sighed. He got out of his seat and went downstairs, and looked outside to see the sun and the moon hopping around.

"HEY! Keep it down, will ya!" Orange yelled.

The sun and moon then ran off as everything was now set in darkness.

Satisfied, Orange then proceeded to write the title chapter.



In a swamp in the southwestern area of Toongland, a young brown haired teenage girl wearing a pink shirt, blue jeans, a pink hat and white shoes looks out the window to her room and stared outside wistfully. She sighed as she looked outside. This girl was named Meg Griffin, and she had troubles of her own. She was being forced to get married as according to her father's wishes. The problem is, she didn't want to get married. Her father, known as Peter Griffin, set up limitations and rules around the castle, which made Meg grieve in sadness. She looked out her window and started to sing.

Meg: Where are you?
Where are you?
Where are you my heart's desire?
My heart is true, but where are you?
Only you can quench the fire...
Where are you?
Where are...

"STOP THAT! STOP THAT! STOP ALL THAT SINGING!" a male voice called as a fat man with brown hair, glasses, a white shirt, green pants and black shoes came in. He was also wearing a crown.

The orchestra then stopped as Meg turned and groaned.

As soon as the orchestra quieted down, Peter smiled as he said, "My daughter, today, all this will be yours!"

Meg blinked as she looked to where her father was pointing. "What, the curtains?"

"No, no, not the curtains," Peter frowned as he pointed out side. "All that you can see, stretched out over the hills and valleys of this land! This'll be your kingdom!"

"But mom..." Meg started.

"I'm your dad!" Peter frowned.

"But dad, I don't want any of that." Meg said.

Peter frowned as he said, "Listen, Meg, I built this kingdom up from nothing. When I started here, all there was was swamp. Other kings said I was daft to build a castle on a swamp, but I built it all the same, just to show them."

Peter chuckled... then paused. "Well... it sank into the swamp. So, I built a second one. No, wait, that also sank into the swamp. BUT...I  built a third one."

Peter chuckled... then blinked, "Oh wait, that was sacked by a pack of rabid bunnies; burned down, fell over then sank into the swamp. BUT... the fourth one... that stayed up!"

Peter smiled as he said, "And that's what you're going to get, Meg... the strongest castle in these islands."

"But I don't want any of that. I'd rather..." Meg started.

Peter frowned. "You'd rather... what?"

"I'd rather..." Music starts playing while the scene focuses solely on Meg, "just..." Meg then extends her arms out into the air and poses as if preparing to sing in an opera or something. "...sing!"

"Stop that! Stop that!" Peter yelled as he ran in, stopping the orchestra; He then glares at Meg as he said, "You, along with all the people in this castle, are not going into a song while I'm here. Now, listen, Meg! In twenty minutes, you're getting married to a boy whose father owns the biggest tracts of open land of Toondon!"

"But I don't want land." Meg complained

"Look, Sabrina..." Peter started.

"MEG!" Meg frowned.

Peter blinked. "Meg? Wait... wasn't there a Sabrina in this scene?"

"Over here..." A voice from offscreen said.

Meg and Peter then turned to see a young blonde woman holding a conducting stick with the orchestra.

"Our conductor was sick. I got hired as the conductor for the day. Meg's going to have to take my place." Sabrina said.

Peter frowned as he said, "This... this is awkward..."

"I'm your DAUGHTER, you dumb-ass!" Meg frowned.

"Okay, okay... let's get back to where we were. Anyway...We live in a bloody swamp. We need all the land we can get!" Peter frowned.

"But... But I don't like him." Meg frowned.

"You don't like her?" Peter frowned, punching his daughter twice. "What the hell is wrong with you? You don't know what you're missing! He's great, he's rich, he has a phal-"

Peter was about to extend his hands... when he realized what he was trying to shape it as. He dropped them on his side as he said, "Tracts of land!"

"I know, but I want the man that I marry to have..." Music starts playing again. "...a certain... special... something," Meg smiled

Peter frowned as he turned to the orchestra and yelled. "Cut that out! Cut that out, will you!"

As the music dies again, Sabrina frowned as she called, "Will you make up your minds? The musicians are getting pissed. We're either playing or not, all right?"

"All right, all right! I got it, okay? I already said there'll be no song while I'm here." Peter assured him. Then he turned to Meg as he said, "Look, you're getting married to Prince Eric, so you'd better get used to the idea!"

Then, Peter slaps Meg across the face then looks over his shoulder toward the door, "Guards!"

He then turns towards the two guards, named Cleveland and Joe as they enter the room with lances.

"Yes, Peter?" Cleveland asked.

"Make sure the Princess doesn't leave this room until I come and get her." Peter ordered.

Joe nodded. "Not to leave the room even if you come and get her."

"No, no, Joe, clean out your ears. Until I come and get her." Peter said.

Cleveland nodded. "Right, we heard you, Peter. Until you come and get her, we're not to enter the room."

"No, no!" Peter frowned. "You stay in the room and make sure she..." Peter points to Meg, "...doesn't leave."

"And you'll come and get her." Joe said.

"Yes." Peter nodded.

"Now just to be sure, we don't need to do anything apart from just stop her entering the room." Cleveland double checked.

"No, no, guys. Leaving the room," Peter specified.

"Leaving the room; Yes," Joe nodded.

Peter nods, "Right."

"Oh, if... if... if, uh... if... if... ehh... if... if we..." Cleveland starts to ask. "Oh, I forgot what I was going to ask."

Peter sighed. "Look, fellas, it's not that complicated. You just stay here and make sure she doesn't leave the room; all right?"

Cleveland and Joe nodded... then Cleveland's eyes widened as he said, "Oh, now I remember what I was going to ask! Uh, can she leave the room with us?"

Peter blinked, "Wha... oh. No. No. You just keep her in here and make sure she-"

"Well, yeah, Peter. We'll keep her in here, obviously, but if she had to leave and we were with her-" Cleveland started.

Peter started getting impatient. "No, no, no, no. Just keep her in here-"

"Until you or anyone else-" Joe said.

"No, not anyone else, just me!"

"Just you."

"Get back." Pete said with a nod of satisfacation.

"Get back." Joe said repeatedly.

"All right?"

"Right; we'll stay here until you get back." Cleveland nods.

"And, uh, make sure she doesn't leave." Peter started.


"Make sure she doesn't leave."

"The princess," Cleveland blinked.

"Yes. Make sure she doesn't leave." Peter groaned.

"Oh, yes, of course." Cleveland nodded. "Ah. I thought you meant Joe. You know, it seemed a bit daft, me having to guard him when he's a guard."

"Am I clear to you guys?" Peter frowned.

They both nod. Peter smiles as he goes to leave... but then notices Cleveland and Joe following. "Guys, where the hell are you going?"

"We're coming with you." Joe said.

"No, no." Peter said, pushing them back up. "Let me go through this ONE more time. I want you to stay here and make sure she..." Peter points to Meg. "...doesn't leave."

"Oh..." Cleveland and Joe said.

The two guards resume their posts.

"But... dad," Meg started.

"SHUT UP, MEG! And get your dress on!" Peter yelled as he pointed to a wedding dress nearby.

As he leaves, Meg dejectedly sits down on a chair near the window while music starts to play. She turns her head toward the window, opens her mouth and...

Peter quickly enters the room. "And no singing!"

Music quickly dies down as Peter glares at Sabrina AKA the stand-in music conductor off screen.

"Sorry. Couldn't help it," Sabrina shrugged.

Joe then hiccupped as Peter turned, "Oh, and Joe, get a glass of water, I think you got the hiccups."

After the door clanked closed behind Peter, Meg started to glance around, trying to think of a way out. When her eyes rested on the writing table, she stood up and moved toward the table while trying to act unsuspicious. She grabbed a quill and smiled at the guards. They smiled back. She grabbed a piece of paper and wrote on it while watching the guards. When she finished writing, she slide the paper off the table and rolled it up in his hands, still watching the guards. Then, she reached out and plucked a red ribbon from off the table while continuing to keep an eye on the guards. She shuffled backwards toward the quiver of arrows hanging on the wall and quickly drew an arrow while watching the guards and smiling. They smiled back. She then grabbed the bow off the wall and fitted the arrow to it while watching the guards and smiling. They smiled back. She quickly turned toward the window, drew back the bow, fired the arrow without aiming, and turned back, watching the guards for their reactions. They merely smiled back. After all, all they had to do was keep her from leaving the room.

A good distance away, Jake hopped along with his servant, Stitch, banging away on an empty pair of coconut halves. Sora, Kairi, Hercules and a new follower, a friend of Stitch's, a girl named Lilo followed behind him, boredly staring at each other.

Jake hopped over a small, shallow channel in the ground, while Stitch made the appropriate clopping sounds with his coconut shells.

"Good job, Stitch!" Jake smiled.

"Yeah, yeah..." Stitch rolled his eyes.

Jake then hopped his way over to the river and prepared to hop to a small, flat rock that was sticking out of the stream.

"And now, the big one," Jake nods as he hops and lands on the rock, then waves at Stitch. "Come on, Stitch!"

The sound of an arrow whizzing through the air and thunking into something catches Jake's attention. He turns around to see an arrow sticking out of Stitch's chest.

"Message for you, sir," Stitch gulped in pain as he fell over.

As Jake, Hercules, Sora, Kairi and Lilo rush to Stitch side, Lilo called out to Stitch. "Stitch, speak to me!"

"Hey... there's a note on this arrow!" Kairi pointed.

Jake glances around, looking for whoever shot the arrow. Finding no one, he turns back to Stitch and unties the ribbon holding the note to the arrow. He then tosses aside the ribbon and unrolls the note.

"What's it say?" Sora asked.

"I'm not sure. The strong guy is blocking my light." Jake said.

"Oh, sorry," Hercules said as he moved a little further away.

Jake nods. "That's much better... 'To whoever finds this note: Please help me; I have been imprisoned by my father, who wishes me to marry against my will; please, please, please come and rescue me. I am in the Tall Tower of the Swamp Castle."

Jake gasped as he smiles, Lilo frowning as she got up and looked up as Jake said, "At last! A call! A cry of distress! This could be the sign that leads us to the Holy Grail!"

Sora rolled his eyes. "Oh, sure it is. Jake, you just want to go just so you can save someone, and it doesn't have anything to do with the Holy Grail."

"Sorry, Sora, but as 'knights', it's also our job to save this person." Kairi grimaced. "Even if it means we have to be stuck here for longer than necessary."

Hercules nodded, "True; Very true; how unfortunate."

Lilo sighed as he turned to Stitch. "Stitch, you shall not have died in vain!"

The moment Lilo clapped Stitch on the shoulder; Stitch woke up with a start and blinked in bewilderment.

Stitch glanced up and said, "Uh, Lilo... I'm not quite dead."

Lilo blinked. "Oh... Well, you shall not have been mortally wounded in vain!"

"I... I think I... could pull through, guys." Stitch said.

"Oh, I see." Lilo blinked.

Stitch starts to get up and smiles. "The arrow didn't even penetrate me, so I'm not even wounded. I was just caught off-balance for a couple of seconds. I AM near-indestructible, after all. Anyway, I think I'm all right to come with you, sir."

Kairi stared wide eyed, "With an arrow in your chest?"

"He's indestructible. He pointed it out." Hercules pointed out.

"No, no, sweet Stitch! Stay here!" Lilo said.

Stitch looked confused as Hercules, Sora and Kairi sweatdropped.

Lilo then said, "I will send help as soon as I have accomplished a daring and heroic rescue in my own particular..."

"And I will go along with..." Jake said.

Jake faultered and sighed as he grounded the tip of his sword, trying to remember whatever word he was trying to say.

"Madness," Kairi asked.

"Negligence," Sora guessed.

"Ineptitude," Hercules blinked.

"Idiom, sir," Stitch guessed.

Lilo and Jake nods. "Yeah, that's it!"

Stitch starts to get up, "I'm fine."

"Bye guys!" Jake said as he and Lilo starts to run off.

Hercules, Sora and Kairi looked at each other worried.

"Oh, no; when Jake goes on these quests, he goes bananas. And with Lilo, she goes crazy too! We'd better make sure they don't get in trouble." Hercules said as he starts to follow.

Stitch blinked as he said, "I'll, um... I'll just stay here, then. Shall I, fellas?"

Sora, Kairi and Hercules start to run off after Jake and Lilo as Sora turned and yelled. "Sorry! We'll come back for you later! We promise!"

Stitch sighed as he sat while twiddling his fingers... waiting.


Inside Swamp Castle, a young man named Prince Eric was sitting in the main hall getting his hair combed by his servants. He was dressed in his wedding tuxedo and was smiling. A priest walked past the maidens and through the kitchen area, where a large pig was being roasted on a spit. Outside, in the courtyard, several young girls danced in a ring while castle musicians played cheerful, celebratory music. A couple of tables were already set with food laid out in preparation for the feast after the wedding. At the gate of the castle, a small group of guests were arriving as they passed by a couple of sentries.

One of the sentries took a bite of an orange he had grabbed before standing his post and started eating, pausing to spit out a piece of rind he had failed to tear off before biting. It was a pretty boring watch, really. The only thing that was out of the ordinary was the knight and a teenage woman with red feather like armor that was currently running toward the castle; That, and the demi-god, a red shirted Keyblade person, and a pink wearing girl who were running along behind them.

Hmm, the five seemed to be running this way. However, for some reason, now the five were running side-by-side. The god, Keyblade guy and girl seemed very surprised, since the knight and teenage red feather girl was previously running ahead of them.

Yes, this was just another boring watch. Nothing out of the ordinary, except for the god, Keyblade guy and girl who were running toward the castle. That, and a knight and red-feathered teenage girl that seemed to be running along behind the three; However, once the three realized that the knight and red-feathered armored girl was now running behind them, they slowed down and came to a halt, blinking in confusion.

"Doesn't this seem strange to you, guys?" Sora asked.

"Compared to the other things we've been though?" Hercules asked.

Sora nodded as Jake and Lilo ran past them. "Good point."

Well, now. The three people seemed to have stopped for some reason, while a knight and a red-feathered armored teenage girl approached them in the distance.

Kairi waved to Jake and Lilo as they ran by. "Hey! Good to see you again!"

"See you again soon!" Sora smiled.

The two were still keeping watch, yeah yeah. Once again, the three people running were staying put for some reason, while a knight and a red-armored feathered girl continued to approach them in the distance.

Kairi blinked. "Wow! I didn't even see them move! It was like... first he's there, and now he's there!"

"Won't he get tired, running so much?" Hercules asked.

Suddenly, Jake and Lilo appeared in front of the castle, laughing as they kick one of the sentries.

Sabrina from off screen smirked, "All right! Cue Dramatic Fight Sequence Music® and keep repeating until I change hands with the conducting stick!"

Dramatic music begins to play as Sora and Kairi blinked. "How the hell did they get over there so fast?"

"Uh-oh," Hercules's eyes crossed as they run over and saw the mess Jake and Lilo made in the courtyard.

Meanwhile, Jake and Lilo quickly ran up through the entry tunnel and started stabbing, slashing, running through, and chopping everything and anything that moved.

Jake stabbed a guest. "Ha!"

Then Lilo stabbed a guest through, "Hiyya!"

Jake slashed a dancer girl, "Ha ha!"

Lilo chopped the wooden support on the musician's platform. "Take this!"

Jake then stabbed another guest, "Hiyya!"

Lilo then ran another guard through, "Huya!"

Mad cackling ensued as Jake and Lilo continued to hack and slash, racking up an impressive body count... for the Dark Ages, that is.

A counter appeared as it read, "Servant: 100 points. Wedding guest: 150 points. Another servant: 100 points. Guard: 300 points. Another servant: 100- no, 200 points; he got two of 'em. Ooh, three wedding guests: 450 points!"

Lilo smiled as she looked up. "5000 more points and we get a level-up!"

Jake then stabs two more servants.

Suddenly, Lilo and Jake bursts into the main hall where Prince Eric and his friends were sitting, preparing for the wedding.

They laughed as they kicked a couple of servants, catching Eric by surprise.

Orange Ratchet grins and laughs offscreen, "AH HA; Mayhem; Mayhem!"

Both Jake and Lilo runs toward the stairs leading toward the Tall Tower, pausing only to chop a bouquet of flowers in half.

Meanwhile, Meg was prepared to send another note, as Jake and Lilo runs up the spiral staircase leading up to the top of the Tall Tower. Once they burst into the room, Cleveland points toward them and tries to remember his orders.

"Now, you're not allowed to enter the room-" Cleveland started, before Lilo killed him with the sword.

Jake then killed Joe as Sabrina said, "Take five!"

The dramatic chase music came to an end as Lilo turned and gasped, looking up at Meg... for some reason, blushing. Jake, not noticing, leaps before Meg and kneels while bowing his head to the floor, his Keyblade in front of him as he said, "O fair one, behold your humble servant, Sir Jake Long of Camelot. I have come to take y-" Jake then looks up at Meg and looks in her eyes. Jake was immediately repulsed as he said, "WHAT THE... oh, I'm sorry... is this the right room? I'm terribly sorry!"

"Hi there," Lilo smiled, looking over at Meg. "I'm Lilo... friend of Sir Jake's.

Meg stared bewilderedly at Jake and Lilo until she remembered the second note tied to an arrow she was holding in her hand. She gasped as she looked at Jake and Lilo's eyes.

"YOU GOT MY NOTE!" Meg smiled.

"Well..." Jake said. "I got a note... but I thought Sabrina was..."

"YOU'VE COME TO RESCUE ME!" Meg hugged them as Lilo was blushing some more.

Jake shook his head as he pushed Meg, "Let's not get carried away..."

"I knew someone would come. I knew that somewhere out there, there must be..." Meg smiled.

Here are you,
Here are you,
Here are you, Sir Jake and Lady Lilo...

"Stop that! Stop that! Stop it! Stop it!" Peter Griffin yelled as the music starts to die down, and Meg gasped, seeing her father.

Sora, Kairi and Hercules run into the room just as the music completely dies off.

"Awww; I thought there was going to be a musical number in here! There goes my grand entrance!" Kairi frowned.

Peter stared at Jake, then at Lilo, then at the three behind them. Hercules blinked as he saw Lilo holding Meg, and Jake staring in embarrassment. "Oh; um... sorry. We didn't mean to interrupt."

Peter frowned as he turned to Jake and Lilo. "Who are you?"

"I'm your daughter, you dumbass!" Meg frowned.

"No, not you," Peter frowned.

Jake blinked as he said, "I am Sir Jake, sir... and this is Lady Lilo."

Meg frowned as she stood up. "They've come to rescue me, Dad."

Sora and Kairi then noticed Lilo blushing as she looked over in Meg's eyes. Sora and Kairi's eyes widened as Sora said, "I didn't know Lilo was like that..."

"Let's not jump to conclusions..." Kairi said in concern.

Peter frowned as he turned to Jake and Lilo. "Did you kill all those guards?"

Lilo blinked. "Uh... Oh, yes. Sorry."

Sora stared in surprise as he said, "You mean, YOU did all that? I thought the castle had fallen under attack!"

"I'm impressed." Hercules frowned.

"Well, it was nothing, really..." Jake started to explain.

"Nothing; they cost fifty pounds each!" Peter yelled.

Jake tried to back down. "Well, I'm awfully sorry. Um, I really can explain everything."

Meg pushed Jake and Lilo towards Peter Griffin as she said, "Don't be afraid of him! I've got a rope all ready and everything!"

Meg nods as she pulls out some rope and ties it to her bedpost.

"You killed eight wedding guests in all!" Peter yelled.

"For a total of 1200 points; 5436 points for the entire massacre." Sabrina said offscreen.

Lilo snapped her fingers. "Damn! And I almost had enough experience points to reach the next level, too."

Jake then finally noticed Sabrina as he said, "I thought YOU were supposed to be playing the prince?"

"I was... until Orange offered me the job of conductor. He figured Meg was more perfect for my place... along with Lilo for another scene he wants to add..." Sabrina explained.

"What the hell, man?" Peter frowned.

"I'm really sorry about all this. You see, I thought Meg was Sabrina." Jake explained.

"And I thought your daughter was a man." Lilo said.

Peter nods as he said, "Cast changing in the last second. And I totally understand your mistake."

Meg, in the meantime, was about ready to climb out. "Hurry, Sir Jake and Lady Lilo; Hurry!"

"Shut up, Meg!" Peter said sternly to Meg before he turned back to Jake and Lilo. "You only killed the groom's father, that's all!"

Jake sheepishly said, "Well, I really didn't mean to..."

"Didn't mean to? You put your sword right through his head!" Peter yelled.

"Oh, dear; is he all right?" Lilo gulped.

Hercules sarcastically said, "Oh, sure. Lots of people go around getting swords shoved through their heads all the time. They get a real kick out of it. It even clears up their sinuses."

"You even kicked the groom in the chest! This is going to cost me a fortune!" Peter frowned.

"Well, I can explain." Jake started.

"This better be good..." Sora frowned.

"Hopefully better than the excuse you made because you forgot to use the bathroom before leaving the castle!" Kairi said.

Jake frowned then turned to Peter. "Me and my friend Lilo, we were riding in the forest, um, riding north from Cartoonelot, when I got this note, you see-"

Peter then stopped and turned to Jake and Lilo, "Cartoonelot?"

He smiled, as if interested. "Oh my God, are you from, uh, Cartoonelot?"

Meg gasped as he looked up. "Hurry, Lady Lilo!"

Jake and the others didn't listen as Jake said,. "Uh, I am a Knight of King Tommy, Sir."

"He asked if you were from Cartoonelot, not whose knight you are." Hercules sighed.

"I think those questions mean the same thing in this time period." Kairi explained.

Peter was even more interested now. "Oh my gosh, yeah, I LOVE Cartoonelot, it's very good land!"

"Is it?" Hercules, Sora, Kairi, Lilo and Jake asked.

"Hurry; I'm ready!" Meg called.

Peter smiled as he looked at the five and said, "Would any of you, uh, like to come and have a drink?"

Lilo was pleasantly surprised. "Well, that... that's, uh, awfully nice of you..."

"Um, we're kind of undera-" Sora started.

"Just go with it." Hercules frowned.

"I am ready!" Meg called.

As Jake, Hercules, Sora, Kairi and Lilo are herded out of the room, Peter walks over to the rope that Meg had tied to her bed, and drew his knife and cuts through the rope in one swipe. Meg screamed as she started to fall. Jake, Hercules, Sora and Kairi turn back in surprise, with Lilo just staring wide-eyed.

Hercules then started. "Did you just kill..."

"I just saw you... you bas-" Lilo started

"Come, come, worry not." Peter smiled. "Come on, talk some more."

"Well, okay. I'm afraid when I'm in this idiom; I sometimes get a bit, uh, sort of carried away." Jake started.

Sora raised an eyebrow. "Sort of carried away? You call eight wedding guests, five guards, twenty servants and one flower bouquet being SORT OF carried away?"

"Yeah! Besides, what did that flower bouquet ever do to you?" Kairi frowned.

Everyone blinked.

Kairi blushed then recovered. "I mean, you call 34 dead people SORT OF carried away?"

Peter chuckled. "Oh, don't worry about that."


In the room, everyone was mourning for either the wounded or the dead. Everyone then looked up to see Peter leading five people going down.

"And this is the main hall. We're going to have all this knocked through and made into one big, uh, living room." Peter explained.

Upon noticing Jake, a person looked up from the dead body in his arms and pointed accusingly at him.

"There he is. The attacker; KILL! KILL! KILL!" He said as he draws a sword and charges, but Hercules grabs him and tosses him away.

Another sentry charges with a club, but Sora blocks him with the Keyblade.

"Oh bloody hell." Peter mumbled.

Sabrina nodded as he said, "Dramatic Music, coming up!"

As the guests charge Jake, Lilo and the others, Jake and Lilo suddenly breaks into their... um, idiom and starts hacking and slashing again while the Dramatic Music begins to play in the background. As Jake and Lilo once again begins the slaughter with wild abandon, Peter runs down the stairs, hoping to stop them before they end up killing everyone. Hercules, Sora and Kairi followed suit.

"Hold it! Stop it! Hold it! Hold it! Hold it!" Peter said.

Finally, Peter was able to come up from behind Jake and Lilo and restrain them.

"Hold it! Hold it! Please!" Peter yelled.

Jake, Lilo and the others looked up apologetically while the Dramatic music dies off.

Lilo sighed as she said, "Sorry. Sorry. You see what I mean? We just get carried away. We're really most awfully sorry."

Kairi nods as she turns to the others, "Sorry; Sorry, everyone."

"He's killed the best man!" A guest said as the rest of the guests start yelling angrily.

"Hold it! Hold it! Please! Hold it!" Peter calmed everyone down. "This is Sir Jake Long from the Court of Camelot, a very brave and influential knight, and my special guest here today. This is also Lady Lilo, his best friend. And those three are..."

"Sir Hercules." Hercules nodded.

"Sir Sora." Sora said.

"Lady Kairi." Kairi nodded.

Peter nodded. "They are three friends who have accompanied Sir Jake and Lady Lilo here today."

Sora, Kairi and Hercules waved hi, as Jake and Lilo waved sheepishly.

The guest then shouted, "He killed my auntie!"

The rest of the guests begin shouting again.

"Please! Please!" Peter stopped the guests. "This is supposed to be a happy occasion! Let's not bicker and argue about who killed who. We are here today to witness the union of two young people in the joyful bond of holy wedlock."

"Holy wedlock," Hercules, Sora and Kairi exchanged looks.

"That doesn't mean what I think it means, does it?" Sora blinked.

"But that would mean... that Meg..." Kairi started.

Hercules, Sora and Kairi looked at each other with wide-eyes. "Holy s***!"

"Unfortunately, one of them, my daughter Meg, has just fallen to her death." Peter explained.

All the guests gasped.

"Yeah, because you cut the rope that she was going down!" Lilo yelled.

"But I don't want to think I've not lost a daughter, so much as... gained a son!" Peter smiled.

All the guests clapped unenthusiastically.

"Gee... they're taking it rather well..." Hercules said.

"Maybe they went into shell shock." Kairi said.

"For, since the tragic death of his father..." Peter started.

"He's not quite dead!" One of the guests said, holding Eric's father.

Peter stared in surprise. "Uh... Since the near fatal wounding of his father-"

"He's getting better!" The guest said.

Peter then signaled a guard with a quick nod. "Anyway, for, since his own father, who may be able to recover, suddenly felt the icy hand of death upon him!"

Then Prince Eric's father got stabbed with a sword, screaming.

"Oh! He's died!" The guest gasped.

Hercules blinked. "Hey, wait a minute!"

"Let it go, Herc. The sooner this is over, the sooner we get the heck outta here." Sora frowned.

"Can't we just leave?" Kairi sighed.

"Not until the scene's over." Jake said.

"And I want his only son to look up to me as his old dad, in a very real and legally binding sense." Peter smiled as the crowd clapped even less enthusiastically than before. "And I feel sure that the merger... er, the union between the Prince and the brave, but dangerous, Lady Lilo of Camelot-"

Sora, Kairi, Hercules, Jake and Lilo gasped. "WHAT?"

"Hang on! Don't I get a say in this?" Lilo asked.

"Guess what! Lilo's a les-" Jake started.

One of the guests started pointing toward the door leading to the courtyard. "Look; The dead princess!"

Everyone turned in shock as Stitch, somehow perfectly healed and somehow getting an arrow out of his chest, carried Meg in his arms.

"She's not quite dead." Stitch said.

Meg, dizzy with the fall, said, "No, I feel much better."

Peter stared in shock then frowned. "You fell out of the Tall Tower, you creep!"

"Actually, didn't you cut her rope?" Kairi asked.

"That's beside the point!" Peter frowned.

Lilo sighed in relief as she said, "I thought for sure you had died. I mean, a fall from that height..."

Meg got up as she said, "No, I was saved at the last minute."

"How," Peter asked.

"Well, I'll tell you. Maestro, music please," Meg said.

The music started as happy music began with the guests dancing. Peter frowned as he said, "Not that! Not that! No!"

Guests: She's going to tell! She's going to tell!

Peter waved his arms. "Shut up! SHUT UP!"

She's going to tell! She's going to tell!
She's going to tell! She's going to tell!

As the repetitive singing continued, Stitch signaled to Jake and the others, "Quickly, fellas! This way!"

"Hey! How did you get the arrow off of your chest," Hercules shouted over the noise.

"No time! Hurry," Stitch yelled.

"No, it's not right for our idiom!" Jake said as he sheathed his sword.

"Screw the idiom; I'm getting out of here!" Sora yelled.

"Same here," Kairi and Hercules said, running down.

She's going to tell about her great escape!

Jake then grabbed a chandelier rope. "I must escape more..."

Jake paused to think of the word.

Oh, she fell a long, long way...

"Carelessly," Hercules said.

"Foolishly," Kairi suggested.

"Dramatically, sir," Stitch asked.

"Dramatically," Jake said.

"Screw dramatically! Let's go!" Hercules, Kairi and Sora said, running off.

"Heave!" Jake said, swinging... but then he was heard crashing into Sabrina, who gave a slight scream.

But she's here with us today!

Jake and Sabrina were seen tied up to each other as the crowd cheered.

What a wonderful escape!

"STOP THAT! STOP THAT!" Peter yelled as he got out a sword, about to stab Meg.

"ENOUGH!" Lilo yelled as she stepped in the way. "I can't believe you, you dumb bastard! This is your own daughter, and you try to kill her! I am deeply ashamed of you!"

Peter stared in shock at the fact that someone was defending someone he doesn't like. Peter gasped. "Oh my god... are you... a lesbian?"

"Uh..." Lilo said in shock.

Meg smiled as she hugged Lilo. "I knew it! So am I!"

Hercules, Sora and Kairi stopped as they looked in confusion.

Meg smiled as she started to sing.

Meg: Lilo, you might as well just fess up
Really you're a different kind of girl
Move aside your scabbard
For underneath your tabard
There is wating to escape a butterfly

With that, Meg peeled off the red feathered armor to reveal that underneath, Lilo was wearing things that a lesbian would wear. All of a sudden, many lesbian dancers came out as they started dancing. Lilo looked up... and smiled. Everyone was right, no denying it. Lilo was a lesbian and JusSonic just facepalmed because his rating was threatened to be going up...

Knights: Her name is Lilo-alot
And in tight pants a lot
She likes to dance a lot
You know you do

"I do?" Lilo asked.

So just say thanks a lot
And try romance, it's hot
Lets find out who's really you!
Her name is Lilo-alot
She visits France a lot
She likes to dance a lot
And dream
No one would ever know
That this outrageous rogue
Bats for the other team

Meg: You're a knight who really likes her night life
And by day you really like to play
You can all find her
Pumping at the gym
at the Cartoonelot Y-M-C-A

Knights: Her name is Lilo-alot
Just watch her dance a lot,
She doesn't care what people say

"No way!" Lilo smiled, snuggling close to Meg.

Oh, when she starts to dance
Just grab your underpants

Meg: She finally came out and say that
She is G-A-Y-...M-C-A!

Knights: She's gay!

"Okay!" Lilo smiled.

Kairi stared traumatized as she said, "We have definitely lost our K Plus rating..."

"I thought Stitch was the one who was gay..." Hercules said.

Stitch sighed as he said, "Yes, I confess, I AM half-straight, and half-NON-straight; In other words, bi. I mean, I'm just as attracted to females as I am to males and vice versa. But then, I suppose it's as painfully obvious as Spike's crush on Rarity."

Stitch paused before looking at the camera and said, "Hey, the author only said the ponies wouldn't actually appear. He did not say they wouldn't be passinly referenced."

"Uh, excuse us... could somebody get us down from here?" Sabrina called.

"Or at least give us a push?" Jake said as the scene ended.


And that's the next chapter! Not only did we learn a lot from this chapter, but we learned that Meg Griffin and Lilo are lesbians, Stitch is a bi, and I believe at this the rating system has broken. Well, in the next chapter, King Tommy and his group is successful in finding a shrubbery! If you have any suggestions, leave them in a review! Anyway, review away!
Jake and his pals invade a castle to rescue Princess Meg, only for things to go out of control and for secrets about Stitch and their new pal Lilo to be revealed. Warning: this is where the rating goes up!
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