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The next day, at the castle, Ansem the Wise, a wise and old man, was in his chambers where Seifer storms in angrily.


Ansem the Wise: Seifer? You're leaving? You got here yesterday.

Seifer: See if anyone else would want that stupid brat!

As Seifer leaves through the other day, Ansem sees that the rear end of Seifer's pants is missing, a big hole showing his underwear.

Ansem: (groaning) Ooh. (Sighs) Kairi.

Ansem goes into the garden where he expected Kairi, his daughter, to be at. He sees her sitting by the mountain. Kairi is a fifteen-year-old girl with auburn hair that went down to her shoulders, and blue eyes. She wore a white tank top, and a black and green plaid skirt, and blue shoes. Ansem sighs and comes over.

Ansem: Kairi! Kairi.

But suddenly a lion jumps in front of Ansem, blocking him.

Ansem: (annoyed) Simba!

Ansem sees the missing part of Seifer's pants that was ripped and tries to pull it out of Simba's teeth. It wass a tug of war until Ansem pulled back and removes it, falling on his behind. Simba went over to his master.

Ansem: (getting back up) So, no wonder Seifer stormed off.

Kairi: (giggling) Oh father. Simba was just playing with him. (cutey tone of voice) Aren't you Simba? You were playing with that mean badly-dressed Seifer, aren't ya?

Kairi pets Simba who smiles happily. However Kairi sees a frown on Ansem's face.

Kairi: (clearing her throat) Ahem.

Ansem: (sighs) Kairi, you must stop rejecting any suitor that comes for your hand. The law said that...

Kairi begins to say the next part the same time as her father as she goes over to a bird cage.

Ansem/Kairi: You must be married to a prince or something like that...

Ansem: Before your next birthday.

Kairi: (sighs) The law is wrong, father.

Ansem: You have 3 days left!

Kairi takes out a dove and pets it.

Kairi: Father, I do not want to be forced in this. If I do marry, I want it to be out of love.

Ansem sighs, takes the dove from Kairi and puts it back in its cage.

Ansem: Kairi, it's not just this law. I...I am not going to be around forever, you know. I just wanted to make you're taken care of and provided for.

Kairi goes back to the fountain with a groan.

Kairi: Dad, you got to understand my problem. I never did anything alone before.

Kairi swirls around in the water, petting the fish.

Kairi: I don't even have real friends!

Simba, who was asleep, hears this and looks at Kairi with a growl.

Kairi: (chuckling) Except you Simba.

Smiling, Simba went back to sleep.

Kairi: I have never even set foot outside the castle walls.

Ansem: You know why. You're a princess.

Kairi sighs in annoyance and slapped the water.

Kairi: Then maybe I don't want to be a princess anymore!

Ansem groans angrily at this. He glares at Simba.

Ansem: He forbids you should have any daughters!

Ansme leaves, leaving Simba puzzled. Kairi thinks for a moment. Then she smiles, goes to the bird cage, opens it, and lets all the doves go. She smiles as they fly away to freedom.

Back inside the chambers, Ansem goes over to a model of Radiant Garden, especially its model sun/sphere.

Ansem: I don't understand how she gets it. Her mother is never this picky.

Ansem plays with the model sun/sphere. Suddenly a black shadow appears and Ansem jumps. He looks and sighs in relief.

Ansem: Ah, Xehanort. My most trusted assistant.

We see that Ansem is actually talking to Xemnas who is now wearing a white lab coat. Nearby him is a Sorcerer Nobody except this one has spiky hair going down.

Ansem: I could use your help right about now.

Xemnas: That is what I lived to serve for, oh great Ansem the Wise.

Ansem: It's this whole suitor thing. Kairi refuses to take a husband. I am at my wit's end.

Sorcerer: Wit's end!

Ansem smiles and takes a bunch of Nobody food.

Ansem: Have some Nobody food, pretty Sorcerer.

As much as the Sorcerer Nobody tries to resist, Ansem stuffs the food down the Nobody's mouth. The Nobody groans and forcefully tries to eat it.

Xemnas: (laughing) My, you have a way with Nobodies. Then again, why else are they called that?

The Sorcerer Nobody gave Xemnas an angry glare. Xemnas continued.

Xemnas: Now then, I believe I know of a way to solve this thorny problem of yours.

Ansem: Xehanort, if anyone could help me, it's you.

Xemnas smiles as he eyes a ring on Ansem's finger.

Xemnas: Of course, it requires a certain sacrifice on your part. Like say your Mystery Heart Diamond.

Ansem: (pulling his hand back) My ring? Xehanort, I trusted you for so long, but don't you think you're asking for too much? This ring has been in my family for years.

Xemnas: Do remember that it's necessary to find Kairi a suitor, correct?

Xemnas then pulled out a watch and swings it back and forth in front of Ansem. Suddenly Ansem's eyes got a hypnotized look in it as the room darkens and Xemnas's voice slows down and deepens.

Xemnas: Everything...will be fine.

Ansem: (repeating in a trance) Everything...will be fine.

Xemnas: Now, as for the diamond...

Ansem nods and takes his ring off.

Ansem: Here, take it, Xehanort. Whatever you need...will be fine.

The room goes back to normal as Xemnas take the ring from the ruler.

Xemnas: Thank you. You won't regret this, I assure you. Now why don't I leave and leave you to your toys?

Ansem: (still in a trance) Yes. That would be...very good.

As Ansem goes back to playing, Xemnas and the Sorcerer Nobody take their exit. Once they are out of earshot, the Sorcerer Nobody suddenly transforms. It is actually Axel who spits out the food in disgust.

Axel: I can't take it anymore! If I have to eat that stupid food we have to feed the Nobodies once more...Ansem will have more than his heart removed!

Xemnas sighs as he transforms back into his black cloak.

Xemnas: Oh calm yourself, Axel.

As the two reached a room, Xemnas made a portal appeared and they went through it. They soon entered their hideaway, The World That Never Was. As the portal closes behind them, a member of Organization XIII, Saix, arrives. He bows down to Xemnas.

Saix: My Superior. Has your mission been successful?

Xemnas: Yes it has. (Hands the ring to Saix) Take this to the lab and tell Vexen to get the machine ready. Axel and I will be there shortly.

Saix: Yes, my Superior.

As Saix leaves, Axel continues his rant slashing his chakrams in the air.

Axel: And then I'd use my chakrams on his heart!

Xemnas: When all is over, I will be the ruler of Radiant Garden, not that old fool.

Axel: And then I'd shoved the food down his throat!

Axel laughs as he follows Xemnas.

Meanwhile, later at night at the castle, a shadowy figure is running through the garden towards a wall surrounding the castle. The figure begins to climb it but a tug from behind interrupts the climb. The figure turns and sees Simba pulling on her cloak sadly. The figure is actually Kairi in disguise.

Kairi: (Sighs) Oh, Simba. I'm sorry.

Kairi kneels down and pets Simba on the head sadly.

Kairi: But I can't stay here and let my decisions made for me. I'm going to miss you.

Kairi hugs Simba for what seems to be the final time. Then she goes back to climbing. Simba, sadly, helped her up it. Kairi got to the top and looks down to sees Simba looking at her still sadly.

Kairi: Goodbye.

With that, Kairi disappears over the wall and out of sight. Simba whimpered sadly at where Kairi used to be at.
Kairi faces being forced to choose a suitor while Xemnas begins his plan to get into Kingdom Hearts and retrieve the card.
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